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First Appointment

This meeting will be very informal, and we consider it your chance to meet with us face to face to ask questions and bring any information that you’re comfortable with sharing. We in turn will share what services we provide and full transparency of fees and charges if applicable should you decide to work with us. We will never pressure you and pride ourselves on listening to your story and your needs. We leave the decision entirely in your hands.

Second Appointment

Depending on what services you decide upon we will proceed with a questionnaire and a list of documents needed which could include current investment statements, tax return, social security statement etc. to bring to this scheduled meeting. We will also do a Risk Analysis. We will review your current investment accounts and gather more personal information about you and discuss the transfer of assets process.

Third Appointment 15-30 days from 2nd appointment

This meeting will be delivering “the game plan” of how your portfolio will be implemented and review the progress of your Financial Plan should you have chosen this service. We will also deliver your personal Investment Policy Statement outlining your asset allocation, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Fourth Appointment 45-60 days from 3rd appointment

Set up online access to your account(s). Establish a regular communication schedule moving forward and along the way. Schedule any necessary next steps for advanced planning if applicable.

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